Our History

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Grace Baptist Church

         On March 26, 1950, twenty­five persons met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hemund for Sunday School and Church Services. Roy Bouecher was secured of to conduct the worship service, and Mr. Able was appointed leader for our first mid­week service to be held on May 9. The name Riverside Chapel was selected for our meeting place. 

         On May 14, came an opportunity to move into the basement dwelling of Mr. Hemund, and Mr. Bouecher secured Mr. Carl Burch to conduct our future worship in the Conservative Association of Baptist churches. The decision to change the name to Grace Baptist church was also made. At this meeting and subsequent meetings on October 18 and October 25, a constitution and by­laws were drawn up and accepted for governing our church group. 

        At the business meeting on December 31, the trustees reported that an individual would donate a tract for a church building and structural plans were discussed and decided upon. Pastor Carl Burch, along with the trustees, Elwood Hemund, Harry Mathias, and Richard Blough, were appointed as a building committee, and it was voted to incorporate as Grace Baptist Church.

        On October 10, 1951, the first sod was turned in preparation for the foundation. By much sacrifice and toil, the construction had advanced to the point where we could hold our first Worship Service in it on Sunday, July 27, 1952. Our first Daily Vacation Bible School began in our new church on August 18, and special dedication services for the new structure have been set for Sunday, August 31. In 1972 the present Auditorium and classrooms were added.

Senior Pastors of Grace Baptist Church

Rev. Roy Bouecher     1950

Rev. Carl Burch           1950-1954

Rev. A.W. Green         1954-1956

Rev. G. Gallagher       1957-1958

Rev. Harry Smith         1958-1961

Rev. Earle George      1962-1963

Rev. Donald Long       1963-1983

Rev. Michael Quirey    1984-Present